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How to evaluate the value of your website

Although there are many tools for calculating the value of an online website, they may not always be accurate. That's why you need to understand how to evaluate the value of your website. For example, some of these websites use only the revenue generated by Google AdSense. This is wrong because many websites generate many non-Google AdSense revenue streams. Secondly, the revenue generated by Google AdSense can not be considered the standard for measuring ad revenue, as it is actually very low.

Alexa is another factor that has been wrongly used to measure the value of a website. Although this measure is widely used, it is mainly based on the volume of traffic on a given website. To be considered, users must have an Alexa Toolbar. This eliminates the number of visitors to a given site. Second, a high number of visitors to a given site does not necessarily equate to a high income. Revenue is primarily based on the business model used by any site.
Specific methods for determining the value of a website
While these methods may seem tedious, they are the best approach to determining the value of a website. Another factor to keep in mind is that only the owner of a website can accurately calculate its value. Indeed, he is the sole responsible for the custody of the site's data.

1. Amount of revenue generated

There are many ways to monetize a website. The most common ones include:
Ad Space Provision - AdSense, Infolinks and Affiliates are examples.
Product Sales - examples include e-books, brand name hats, and t-shirts.
Subscription Payments - Examples include online courses and member resources.
A website with these resources, or any other way of generating income, can be evaluated based on how much money it generates daily, monthly or annually.

2. The age of a website

This adds value to a website because search engines, especially Google, place more value on it. This is based on a number of parameters, including:
Brand recognition: The older a site is, the more likely it is to become a known brand.
Number of backlinks - old websites have more backlinks than newer ones, which means more traffic.
Trust - People will certainly be more confident about an older website than a newly created site.
Although there may be no monetary value, age assigns an older website a higher value.

3. Domain name

The factor to consider here is the market potential of the domain name. A domain name can determine the competitiveness, marketing and branding of a brand. An easily recognizable domain name is easy to find and remember. This automatically translates into higher traffic and therefore higher potential income.

4. SEO Analysis

Web sites vary considerably in terms of SEO application. A site that has a high quality SEO is clearly more visible than another. As such, it will have greater value.

5. Web Content

Some websites automatically attract many visitors, including unique pages, because of the quality and value of their content. One such example is a well-written news site that offers new content every day. Others are educational sites. These sites will have higher values because of the value of their content. It is also an indicator of the amount of work that has been spent on building the site.

6. The strengths of a website

These are all the extra features of a website in addition to the basic structure. These can include:

  • An advanced theme
  • A mailing list
  • Professional type plugins
  • A premium domain name

7. traffic

A website that attracts a lot of traffic has a higher commercial potential than another. The higher the traffic, the higher the market value.

Top 5 Free Web Site Calculators

The tools listed below are some of the best free tools to check the value of a website, depending on the settings they use.

1. Value of the site

Website Value is a free website value calculator that helps to rank and estimate the value of your website using Alexa and Google rankings. In addition, he is able to estimate the daily advertising revenue generated by your website.

2. Prospects of the site

This site evaluates the value of a website based on the Alexa ranking, the Dmoz list, the revenue generated by ads, daily pages viewed, etc. It is popular because it also offers suggestions to further enhance the value of your site.

3. The value of your website

Your Value Team on the website has 18 years of experience to help you evaluate the value of your website. It graphically displays your web traffic and also gives you a score based on the loading speed of your page, allowing you to troubleshoot users' traffic loss based on speed performance.

4. Website Value Calculator

Values not only mark your website but also give you the name and value of the best online websites. You have an idea of comparing your site with more famous names such as Google or Twitter.

5. Website price

It's a free tool that uses an assortment of factors to calculate the value of a given website. Its key pricing parameters include:

  • Number of daily visitors
  • Available Backlinks
  • Visibility in search engines

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