Monday, 29 October 2018

How To Control Android Device From Any PC Fully

Have you ever used your computer when a friend randomly decided to start an SMS conversation? You usually have to stop what you are doing on the desktop, then pick up your smartphone and answer the text. Then, if your buddy responds with another message, you must juggle your mouse and your keyboard and your handheld device.
But what if you could answer the same text by simply opening a window on your computer? What if this window allows you to fully control your smartphone while charging via USB? The good developer Koushik Dutta has ensured that this fantastic scenario is finally a reality. And since its new Vysor application works for the Chrome web browser, you can do it with almost any desktop operating system.

Steps to control Android from a PC

 Step 1: Enable ADB on a computer (Windows only)

If you are using a Windows PC, you will need to install the ADB drivers. Click on this link and the driver file should start downloading immediately. (Mac users do not need to do this, go to the next step.) When done, start it, and then follow the instructions for installation.

2nd step: Enable USB debugging on your Android

Then you will need to enable ADB on your Android device, and then make sure it is set to always allow connections from your computer. Then connect your phone or tablet to your computer with a USB data cable, then open the Settings menu on your Android device.
From there, go to the "Options for Developers" menu (if you do not see such an entry, be sure to enable options for developers first). Then, enable the "USB Debug" option, then press "OK" in the pop-up window.
At this point, your phone is still connected to your computer, an additional pop-up window asking if you want to allow an ADB connection from this device. Check the "Always allow from this computer" box and then press "OK" in this pop-up window.

Step 3: Install the Vysor App for Chrome

Then click on this link from the Google Chrome browser on your computer. From there, click the "Add to Chrome" button at the top of the screen to install the Vysor Chrome app.
Once Vysor is installed, click on "Launch the application" or open the Chrome application launcher in the favorites bar at the top of the screen and click on the Vysor icon.

Step 4: Connect Vysor to your Android device

With Vysor installed and ADB setup, using your computer to view and control your Android device will now be extremely easy. Start by clicking the "Search Devices" button in the Vys main menu.

From there, choose your Android device from the list and click "Select". The screen should start to reflect on your computer in a few seconds. If you're having trouble logging in here, return to step 1 of this tutorial or see our complete guide to configuring and troubleshooting USB debugging.

Step 5: Control your Android device from your PC

Now that you're signed in, you should see the display of your Android device in a window on your computer.  From there, you can use your mouse or keyboard to navigate your phone or tablet normally.
There are, however, some keyboard shortcuts that you should be aware of. Use the ESC key to simulate the Back button, the F1 key to access the Android menu function, and the Home key to quickly return to your Home screen. On a MacBook, these keyboard shortcuts may vary or not work at all.
If you open a landscape-oriented application, your computer window will automatically rotate to fit the content of your screen. The same is true if you want to resize this window: just drag one of the corners to resize or expand the content to fit the window on the fly.

Step 6: Share control of your Android device with other people

NOTE: This feature now requires the Vysor Pro version. You can see Vys pricing plans here.
If you need to share control of your device with another person, for example for troubleshooting purposes, use Vysor with ease. Simply connect your phone to your computer and launch Vysor as usual, and then click on the "Share" button in Vysor's main menu.
At this point, you will see a message informing you that a link to share the screen of your device has been copied to your clipboard. Simply open your favorite email program or email application and paste the link into a message for the other person. For their part, once they click on the link, they will be prompted to install the Vysor Chrome app and, when they do, they will be able to remotely control your phone, as you can.

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