Tuesday, 10 October 2017

5 Things to do to win a heart

5 Things to do to win a heart
Dear Be You, That’s what the most important thing for building trust. Winning the heart of the one you love while being yourself will always guarantee an everlasting trust in the relationship.

1. Be a True Friend:
First, y’all must be friendly.
Through problems, confusions, anger. Your lover’s and your own.
Accept, forgive.
Relationships are built strong on a solid foundation of Friendship.
No one will be perfect in this, every step of the way, but try and try again

2. Compliment Them:
Everyone loves compliments, compliments give that feeling that you’re special,Wanted and Appreciated

3. Text Them and Call Them:
Everybody does that nowadays. If you can write a letter and post it to her / his adress, she or he will be more surprised ( in a good way ) than a text on her Phone or computer. It’s handwritten, she / he can hold the paper in her / his hand that was first in your hands etc… It’s more romantic and it shows also that you do something out of the ordinary and do something that nobody or almost anybody does.
Give them a few texts and calls saying “I miss you” or “I love you”

4. Joke Around With Them:
There will think that you are a nice person to have around because you make them laugh and also be daring at times like during atruth or dare game. When you get a dare, don’t be afraid to do it, if u don’t do it, they won’t you are fun anymore.

5. Hold Up a Smile Always:
Smile can win anyone’s heart and make others day even urs too. So laugh broadly.
Be Sincere,
Really mean what you are saying and back it up with action.

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