Sunday, 16 July 2017

Lai Mohammed "Federal Government to stop Entertainers from shooting Videos abroad"

Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed the minister of Information and Culture says that the Federal government is planning to put a stop to entertainers shooting movies and music videos outside the Country.

He said, shooting videos outside the country doesn't help the economic situation of Nigeria, it only improves the economy of the country videos are being shot.

The minister made this known on his visit to the headquarters of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) yesterday.

“He said that the Government had decided that henceforth,anything being consumed in Nigeria in terms of Music and Films must be produced in Nigeria.We cannot go Outside the country to Produce products and then bring them back to be consumed in Nigeria.

The Broadcasting Code and the Advertising Code backs this up. For you to group a product as a Nigerian product, It must contain a certain percentage of the country's content."

If we cannot patronize Production of music videos and movies,young talents will remain unemployed.

It our country people that consumes  these products and therefore must be allowed and encouraged to participate in their Making.

I am going to meet with the relevant stakeholders over this, to see that adjustment  needed to be made to our Broadcasting Code is made urgently,” he said

What's your view on this??

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