Saturday, 8 July 2017

Evans safe in Police Custody

Rumors circulating about the vanishing of Evans have been rendered false by the Nigerian police.

This followed a report which alleged that Evans' whereabouts were unknown and that he had vanished.

"Evans is safe and still in custody" said the chief superintendent of police (CPS).

The spokesman for the force headquarters,Jimoh Moshood made it known that Evans will be charged to court as soon as all ends are tied.

He said the media should avoid creating fear among masses with false publications.

He said the headline "where did Evans vanish to?" Is misleading and asserted that he(Evans) and his accomplices are very much in their custody.

He proceeded to say that they're working hard for justice to be served at the end of the day.

There are certain information that are not for public consumption to avoid jeopardizing national security and investigation.

Evans is still in custody and his whereabouts are known but cannot be made public. We are appealing to Nigerians to remain calm and support the police in its investigation.

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