Saturday, 24 June 2017

Black charm still exist in football-Read this..A goalkeeper was arressted for using black charm to football

Nkono is led away through police
Cameroon goalkeeping educate thomas nkono became arrested with the aid of rebel police for allegedly using "black magic" previous to the african cup of countries semi-very last with mali
He became dragged onto the strolling track after stepping onto the pitch on the march 26 stadium with cameroon train winfried schafer.
Schafer implored newshounds and photographers to record the incident, which happened ninety minutes before kick-off, as his assistant turned into handcuffed and led away down the players' tunnel.
A member of the police then ran lower back onto the pitch and regarded to retrieve an item from the floor where schafer and his assistant have been status.
There has been speculation that the the item turned into a black-magic charm aimed at supporting cameroon's motive.
Confederation for african soccer officials intervened and told the police that if he turned into not launched the suit would no longer pass in advance.
Cameroon's minister for sport, bidoung mpkatt, who's touring with the crew, sought to minimize the incident.
"i hope it was an person errors at the part of the policemen involved," he said. "however if it is some thing greater than that we are able to take appropriate action."
On the remaining international locations cup in 2000, controversy erupted inside the area-final suit among nigeria and senegal over the meant use of witchcraft.
With senegal leading 1-0 with best minutes left, a member of the nigerian delegation sprinted onto the pitch earlier than snatching an item from the senegalese intention.

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