Sunday, 14 May 2017

Teenage Boko Haram girl Confesses

boko haram

A 14 year old female presumed suicide bomber says Boko Haram pioneers picked her to explode an Improvised Explosive Device in Maiduguri since she declined to get hitched to their individuals in Sambisa Forest.

The suspect is among three suspects captured by the military when they purportedly desired a suicide mission at a military office in Jakana in Maiduguri.

The suspect told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Maiduguri on Sunday that she was sent on the mission to explode the gadget since she rejected engagement propositions from three Boko Haram terrorists.

The speculate said she was stole with her dad, Usman, by Boko Haram agitators in Gwoza, Borno, in in Sambisa Forest. She said she and her dad were racing to Mandara Mountain for safety when they were abducted.

The suspect said she and her dad needed to go to Madagali in Adamawa where he typically sold cows before Boko Haram radicals assaulted Gwoza.

"I have put in three years in the hands of Boko Haram. Three diverse Boko Haram (terrorists) had proposed to wed me and I won't. Two among them were authorities (amir).

" When I denied for the third time, one of the officers wound up noticeably irate and undermined to kill me and my dad. I revealed to him I would preferably bite the dust than wed a Boko Haram (terrorists).

"Along these lines, following one week, they said since I have declined to get hitched, I ought to be taken to Maiduguri for a suicide mission. In this way, three of them held my hands and they infused me.

" Then, I never realized what was going on again.

''I was taken to a botanist, who, after I recovered cognizance, disclosed to me that I had been with him for 30 days.

"He disclosed to me he was setting me up for a mission. So he gave me some water to drink. I don't comprehend what it had an aftertaste like however I drank it. Along these lines, he said they would come and pick me today.

" At around 7p.m. three Boko Haram (members) accompanied a male and a female. They were additionally enrolled for the mission like me.

"We burned through one and a half days making a course for Maiduguri. It was the point at which we got to Maiduguri that they strapped the bombs on our bodies. Right then and there I realized that I would kick the bucket, so I began crying.

" I was watching when the main plane, a female, exploded her unstable near a military checkpoint which slaughtered nobody however herself. The second, a male, was killed by the military before he could explode his.

"Around then something instructed me to evacuate my own IED and surrender which I did. I was encompassed by officers and policemen and I blacked out.

" When I woke, I found that one of the policemen at the checkpoint was a sibling of my mother's. I surmise that was the reason I survived,'' the suspect said.

Then, Maj.- Gen. Fortunate Irabor, the Theater Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, said the suspects were being de-radicalized at the military confinement office.

"We have a significant number of them here in our office. We have been profiling them and making them feel good.

"Up until this point, from their declarations, they generally disclose to us that they were mentally programmed by some kind of charms to submit suicide," Irabor said.