Thursday, 27 April 2017

Police: We may arrest Goje

The Police yesterday said they may arrest Senator Danjuma Goje if he refuses to appear before the Police Investigative team.

According to the police, the senator has spurned an invitation sent to him by the police.

Police spokesman Jimoh Moshood, a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), dropped the hint in Abuja on live television interview.

The senator said on the floor of the on Wednesday that the work of the senate might be impeded following removal of documents relating to 2017 Budget from his house during a search by the police.

But Moshood said: “He (Goje) must appear before the investigation team to explain circumstances surrounding how he got some of the documents with us.

“The Senator promised to come last week Friday but he did not. So, I am using this opportunity to call on him to appear before the investigation panel because investigation is still ongoing on the recovery that were made in his house.”

On whether he will be arrested if he refused to honour invitation by the police, he said: “Yes he will be arrested because no one is above arrest and we will definitely do so and it is important for him to know that on time and appear before the team.”

On the search warrant executed, the Force Spokesman said: “The search was not aimed at the 2017 Budget and I must add that no budget document was sighted or removed.

“No single document relating to the 2017 Budget and mind you, the budget has been with them for months now. So, it will be wrong for anybody to come up and say because police conducted a search, the passage of the budget will be affected.

On whether the laptop recovered from Goje’s house contains documents relating to the budget, Moshood said: “The laptop we took also has some incriminating item which we are investigating because all we removed were removed for investigation.

“No, when President Buhari went to lay down the budget before the National Assembly, it was not laid with a laptop. It is a public document that everybody saw. The laptop does not contain any of such document, I make bold to say that.”

Moshood also promised to make the video clips of the search public. He said: “We will make it public for people to know how the search was conducted in the presence of three of the sebator’s relatives and that it was transparent.

“The video will be made public as soon as possible but the senator has to appear before the Panel because he is going to be asked questions relating to the search warrant executed and those things that were recovered from his house.

“We cannot put the video out before he appears but he has been reluctant in coming despite calls by the investigation panel. Nobody can cow the police because the law is there and nobody is above the law.”


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