Saturday, 25 March 2017

Litigation: Cinema suspends screening of Okafor’s Law

Following a court injunction compelling filmmaker, Omoni Oboli to suspend the premiere and nationwide release of her latest movie, Okafor’s Law, FilmOne Distribution, Friday night, suspended the premiere and subsequent release of the movie. Its Group Executive Director, Moses Babatope, however said the company is solidly behind the producer and director of the controversial movie. Reacting to the injunction, Oboli insisted that the movie, Okafor’s Law, belongs exclusively to her. “I have to pull myself together,” Oboli told a gathering of movie buffs. “I’m sure some of you heard some allegations…but my story, my script, my movie was written 100% by me,” she told the audience who had gathered to witness the premiere. In September 2016, Canada-based writer, Jude Idada had alleged that the actress infringed on his intellectual copyright by running with his script for the film. According to Idada, Oboli took the work he had done regarding Okafor’s Law and developed it without giving him due credit despite the fact that the only thing she had at the time she called him into the project was the name Okafor’s Law. The injunction states in part that; “an order is granted to the plaintiff/applicant directing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd defendants, its employees, servants, agents, privies or otherwise howsoever to forthwith deliver and surrender up to the plaintiff’s solicitors accompanied by the Bailiff of this honourable court serving these orders, all products and packages with the inscription, ‘Okafor’s Law, which constitutes evidence of the fact of infringement/passing-off and volume of transaction or trade which have been done by the defendants such as order forms, invoices, bills, delivery orders, record books and receipts which are in the defendants, or in possession of any of its employees, agents, servants or privies.”


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