Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Court dissolves marriage over sex starvation

An Iletuntun Customary Court in Ibadan on Tuesday dissolved the marriage of a couple Taiwo Okunola and wife, Sherifat over sexual starvation and threat to life. The President of the court, Mr. Henric Agbaje, dissolved the marriage after the petitioner Taiwo told court that he could no longer tolerate his wife’s behavior of staving him sexually. Agbaje held that the court had to separate the couple on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. “We have taken cognisance of the fact that Taiwo and Sherifat have chosen to part ways, despite all efforts to reconcile them. “Therefore, in the interest of peaceful co-existence, the union between the couple has ceased to be from henceforth. “Custody of the three year-old child produced by the union is hereby granted to Sherifat. “Taiwo shall pay a monthly feeding allowance of N3, 000 for the upkeep of the child and he will be responsible for his education and health matters,” the court ruled. Earlier, Taiwo, a trader had told court that his wife was constantly starving him of sex and threatening to kill him. “My lord, among all other terrible experiences I suffer in my union with Sherifat is the agony of sexual starvation. “I need to beg and beg her to allow me to have sexual intercourse with her and she only allows me when she wishes. “As if that is not enough, she sends me out of the house at will and she even expelled me from the apartment only two weeks ago. “That was not the first time she will be sending me away. During the last Muslim festival, she sent me parking with our baby before she came back to plead with me to return. “In fact, I have known no rest of mind since I got married to her because it is one day, one trouble. “Sherifat usually return home very late in the night and doesn’t show me any care as a spouse,” Taiwo lamented. Sherifat, who is also a trader, told court that she also wanted divorce. “My lord, Taiwo knew the nature of my occupation before he married me. “He knows that I am always in the market buying and selling jewelries and there is nothing I can do about that. “Let me also state that the house in which we live belongs to me and he wants me to stop the work that is giving me money. She described Taiwo as an irresponsible and a prodigal husband. “At three different occasions, I established lucrative businesses for him but he wrecked the business each time. “I also bought a luxurious car in his name which he is currently cruising around in. I am the family’s bread winner as I cater for him and our baby and I am fed-up,’’ she stated. The marriage lasted for only four years.

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