Tuesday, 21 March 2017

AIBA launches 2017 Year of Africa project.

Governing body of The International Boxing Association (AIBA) has launched the 2017 AIBA Year of Africa project which aims to initiate a 250% increase in the number of certified coaches, referees and judges and technical staff across 12 regional hubs through initiatives. Speaking at the launch, Dr Ching Kuo Wu, president of AIBA said that the projects main aspiration is to see boxers from Africa better represented at International events and bring efficiency, education and empowerment to national federations. He added that the project also aims to generate a positive shift in the perception of boxing and portraying the positive effects of discipline and personal achievement young men and women can derive if they take to boxing. The Year of Africa project has been designed to promote national federations by giving them the tools and guidance to lead their own activities at their nearest hub and over 4000 certified course places will be made available to expand the pool of referees and judges, coaches and technical staff in Africa.

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