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[GISTS]‘Efe, Miyonse, TBoss And Bassey Are My Favourite BB Naija Housemates’ – Fathia Balogun

Fathia Williams Balogun is a Nollywood actress, film-maker, producer and director who happens to be one of the most talented actresses in Nigeria.
In an interview with The Nation, the award-winning actress was recently on location of a new television movie, Roti, by Kunle Afolayan talks about her role in the movie and her latest projects.

See excerpts:

How has your experience been on this set?

I guess that you know that Kunle’s (Afolayan) set is a professional set to the core. So, I’ll say I feel so honoured and proud of myself. My feelings are so very high. Kunle has been my friend for a long time and I’m very proud of him. He’s someone I want to associate myself with. So, I’m very pleased to be on his set. As for the story, the story is fantastic. It’s called Roti. Roti is the name of the kid lead character. And I’m playing the mother to Juwon that looks like Roti.

I’m playing alongside with Kate Henshaw. And you know, Kate Henshaw is a fantastic actress, a very deep one. So, you have to like buckle up. I’m playing with Kunle too. I’m just overwhelmed being on the set. My character is local Mama Juwon. So, I spoke Yoruba and pidgin together. I like it. It’s interesting. The cast and crew are fantastic. The crew is so pleasant. And Kunle as the director too is a very understanding director that wants you to work when you’re very comfortable not when you’re stressed. So, being on Kunle’s set is fantastic.

Now you’re an actress and producer, what movie are you working on?

I just did two English movies but they’re not coming out soon. I’m taking them to TV houses. I’m not doing any premiere or something. I just wanted my fans to know that I can do better than what they think because some of our fans think because you do Yoruba movies, you can’t speak English, you can’t do this, you can’t do that. And I want to tell them that I’m an actress and I can do whatever you want me to do. Soon, you’ll get to see it. It’s done already. It’s just to be seen.

Big Brother Naija is on and there’s been a lot of cries about whether the show truly represents Nigeria and why is it being shot in South Africa. What is your take on it?

For me, I don’t like to criticise any reality show or anything anybody does. I’m a fan of Big Brother. So, I don’t want to say because it’s in South Africa or it’s in Zambia. For me, Big Brother is making me laugh. Do you know that Big Brother is making me to learn because Big Brother is like a country? It makes you know the kind of person you are.

You know that this guy is not a good guy, this guy is a two-faced and that is the way we are (in) real life. I was telling one of my staff that ‘some people think that Bib Brother is useless, it doesn’t teach anybody anything.’ But for me, I’m learning from Big Brother because there are some people you’ll see there that you’d say, ‘I have somebody that is like this. This, my friend, is like this. She would tell you something else and she’ll go and tell somebody else something else.’ Do you know that’s what happens in Big Brother? I’m a huge fan so, I will not criticise Big Brother.

Who is your most interesting character?

Now, I like Efe because Efe is Warri and I’m Warri. So, Warri go stand for Warri. Then I like Miyonse and T-Boss because they’re not fake. It is on and it is on. Then I like Bassey. Bassey is real. Those are my favourites. Of course, we know how Big Brother comes. If you sabi act, act well.

You talked about acting. Do you think Big Brother is all acting?

I’m not saying that. I’ve done reality show before. And Big Brother is Big Brother. And whatever games they are playing, I like it. I’m a fan.


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