Friday, 6 January 2017

[US]Donald Trump tweets: The President-elect's missives on Obamacare, Russian hacking, WikiLeaks

This week the South Korean government gave someone a job monitoring President-elect Donald Trump's tweets, and China asked him to stop using Twitter to conduct international diplomacy. Yet this hasn't stopped Trump from ramping up his output.
The president-elect sent out a flurry of tweets this week, touching on everything from the album sales of Jackie Evancho — who will sing at his inauguration — to bashing carmaker General Motors.
He also promoted WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, debated Russia's influence on the 2016 election, and landed some blows on Obamacare – all in just 140 characters.
Trump has been criticised for not having given a press conference where he faces tough questions from reporters in a public forum for more than six months. But true to form, he tweeted this week that he will hold a press conference on 11 January.
In the meantime, we've collected his tweets from Thursday, 5 January, for a flavour of his daily Twitter output.
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