Thursday, 5 January 2017

UK Officials: Muslim Migrants MUST Learn

Several members of the British House of Commons and Lords joined together to propose that new migrants be required to learn English before or upon arrival in the U.K., the BBC reports.
The respective Members of Parliament (MPs) span different political parties and stress that speaking English is “the key to full participation in our society and economy.” English classes are not currently required, but the British government is spending nearly 25 million dollars providing English language resources to migrants.
The proposed English language provisions sparked backlash in some areas of the country, with various officials accusing the government of “stigmatising Muslim women.” The Guardian noted in January, 2016, that 38,000 Muslim women in the U.K. do not speak English with an additional 190,000 reporting only limited proficiency.
Cultural integration of Muslim migrants from Muslim-majority war zones have caused significant tension throughout Europe since the surge in refugees in 2015. Migrants from Muslim-majority countries have been linked to a string of terrorist incidents in recent months, along with several cases of mass sexual assault.
In one such instance, the largest public pool in Berlin, Germany had to hire security guards to stop migrants from groping women. One of the social workers trying to teach refugees German cultural norms told PRI that many of them “don’t know how to behave.” Social workers are distributing cartoons at refugee centers, and putting up posters at local pools as part of their campaign to educate refugees.
In some cases, German girls have taken to wearing temporary tattoos at public pools that say “no,” to stop unwanted sexual attention. A leaked German police report from July reveals that “sexual offences are recording a huge increase.”
“In particular, offenses of rape and sexual abuse of children in bathing establishments is significant,” according to the report. The police report identifies the offenders as “for the most part immigrants.”


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