Friday, 6 January 2017

[SPORT NEWS] Liverpool transfer revelation: I was playing Sunday League... then I signed for Reds

Warner made a stunning move from nowhere to join Liverpool and was the back-up keeper to David James in the 90s.
But he NEVER played a game in five years at the club - instead being on the bench 120 times.
Reflecting on his career this week, Warner said: "I was playing Sunday League and then I basically signed for Liverpool.
"At the same time, David James was pushing for an England spot so the gap there was quite big.
"Looking back, it wasn't like it is today where there are big international goalkeepers being on the bench.
"If it was today, it probably wouldn't happen like it did for me."
Warner recounts two occasions he nearly got on - against Manchester United and then Sheffield Wednesday.
"It was down the Kop end and David James got whacked against United," he said.
"I'm warming up and stretching and getting ready and I've got all eyes on David James.
"I'm thinking 'if he does go off, the first bit of action I'm getting is Ryan Giggs whipping in a corner on top of you'.
"In the end, David James recovered.
"There was another at Sheffield Wednesday when he got both his knees smacked - and ended up for the rest of the first half throwing the ball out.
"It probably wasn't a good sign for me. You'd have had to chop his legs off to get him off!
"They were the two closest times I got to coming in."
Warner ended up enjoying a career at Milwall, Cardiff and in the Premier League on loan at Fulham.
He is now a goalkeeping coach at Bolton.
He added: "You end up thinking to yourself, and I left at 25, that you haven't really started your career.
"I had three loan moves but by 25 I had played like 11 games. You're not a goalkeeper - you're a bit of a fraud I think.
"It's then you need to start forging your own career."

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