Sunday, 15 January 2017

LAUTECH STUDENTS took Twitter to Express their Dissapointment and Urged the Government to Let Them Resume

lautech protest

User with the Twitter Account "LautechStudents which is said to be LAUTECH students took twitter to plead to the Government for Quick resumption and requested the Government to Intervene.They posted this tagging the two Governors and The President as well as the Press.
The tweet goes thus:
"Note:This is not a form of criticism or disrespect it is only to Express and Talk on our beloved Institution "LAUTECH"
Which has been on strike for  7months due to non-payment of staffs and workers of the Institution.The students being home for 7months went on a peaceful protest on the 9th of January 2017 in Ibadan where the Oyo state Governor @AAAjimobi  claimed to be disrespected and said "Even If i don't pay salaries,even if i don't do this,you should still have respect for CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY"
"CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY"? If he had perform his responsibility by paying the staffs and workers there wouldn't be any form of protest.
The two Governors @AAAjimobi and @raufaregbesola have both failed in their responsibilities as Governors.They both have failed the students.
The Students hereby say that Our protest wasn't for the purpose of Destruction or wreaking any Havoc,It was to express Our disappointment
In the two Governors @AAAjimobi  and @raufaregbesola and also to plead and claim for immediate resumption from the strike of our beloved Institution.The Governors shouldn't contest for elections if they are not capable of running all activities of the state.
The Governors claimed that there isn't enough funds but LAUTECH had been running before their tenure without going on a very long strike.
We urge the President @MBuhari and the Federal Government as a whole to intervene for LAUTECH isn't only in Oyo State but in Nigeria as well
Curbing Corruption Starts from helping us attain quick resumption @MBuhari  because it is said that an idle hand is the Devil's workshop.
Consider what we've been loosing for once @AAAjimobi and @raufaregbesola. 

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