Saturday, 7 January 2017

[GISTS]Sister Wives star Meri Brown's dream of 'son' shattered as Mariah reveals she is lesbian

Sister Wives will return with another explosive episode on Sunday (8 January) on TLC following Mariah's revelation about being gay. Kody and Meri Brown's daughter opened up in the previous chapter, leaving her family shell shocked. However, fans are now awaiting to see the reaction of her family.
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In the latest promo of Sister Wives, shows that Meri is shattered after learning about Mariah's sexuality as she always dreamt of having a son. The first wife of the polygamist family wanted to adopt Mariah's husband as her son, but now that she is not interested in men, Meri would have to adjust with the new normal.
When I had Mariah, I had this cute little girl. I just always expected that she would grow up, meet a guy, get married, have kids," Meri says in the promo of the upcoming episode. "I always wanted to have a son. I always just kind of thought, 'Well, ya know, since I never had a son, I'll be able to kind of adopt Mariah's husband into kind of being a son.' And I looked forward to seeing who that was gonna be, you know? And that's not gonna happen."

However, as she is low, Robyn is seen trying to lighten the moment by saying: "I don't know — they could sit there and be 'sister wives' without the guy! That's kinda how I see it." Kody's fourth wife was equally emotional after learning about Mariah and got emotional while talking about it.

"I sit here and I visualize Mariah coming home with someone that she absolutely loves and adores. And I know that once Meri process through this, she'll see it, too," the mother-of-five said.

From the family's official Twitter page, it can be assumed that the polygamist and his four wives have accepted their daughter's sexuality wholeheartedly. But it appears the relationship between Meri and her daughter still remains plagued as the mother-of-one is heartbroken that her daughter hid the fact from her.

The synopsis of the episode reads: "A shocking revelation: Meri's only daughter Mariah makes a stunning announcement. Then the whole family heads to a mountain resort where Meri struggles to connect with Mariah, who is still angry about the recent catfishing."

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 8pm CT on TLC.

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