Tuesday, 3 January 2017

[GHANA]Kpessa Whyte offers 'last minute' GHC 100,000 deal to Zormelo & Associates

A group calling itself ‘Supporting Staff of the National Service Scheme’ is alleging that a whopping sum of 100,000 cedis was paid to Zormelo and Associates to recruit new staff most of whom are members of the campaign team of the outgoing government.

At a press conference, held Tuesday, the group wants the incoming administration led by Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, to review the last minute appointments.

According to the spokesperson of the group, the head of HR has been forced to proceed on leave in order for these recruitment to be made.

Despite being assured of recruitment the group claims they have totally been ignored for political expediency.

The Executive Director of the Scheme Dr Kpessa Whyte has been accused of stuffing the scheme with persons loyal to the outgoing administration.
The Scheme also announced a 40 percent increase in allowances for National Service Scheme employees which will take effect this month.

The increases were announced, even though the provisional budget presented by the outgoing administration made no provision for such increases.

The Supporting Staff of the National Service Scheme believe the Executive Secretary is up to some mischief.

They do not understand why they the supporting staff will be by passed only for party supporters to be considered for appointment at an exorbitant cost to the state.

They insisted that an injunction was filed to stop the Executive Secretary from going ahead with the recruitment but even that was ignored.

Head of Public Relations Ambrose Enstiwah confirmed that Zormelo and Associates was contacted and paid a 100,000 cedis to do the recruitment.

"Yes that is correct i am aware that a company was contracted and an amount of 100,000 cedis was paid. A staff of the Scheme had actually petitioned the Public Service Commission to have the processes stalled," he confirmed.

He said the attempt to stop the recruitment came at a nineth hour, at a time when the recruitment process had reached an advance stage.

He could not tell if the Scheme had power to outsource the recruitment to an outside agency when an internal HR office is there to handle such recruitment, except to say that the Board approved the request for Zormelo and Associates to do the last minute recruitment.

He said based on the number of people penciled for appointment, the internal HR department could not do the recruitment.

He also confirmed that the head of HR was not at post during these last minute recruitment but denied that she was forced out of office.


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