Friday, 9 December 2016

Do you Know?

Scars continue to look the same year after year because, while skin cells are replaced periodically, the underlying collagen is not.
The human body emits upwards of 10^6 biological particles per hour, creating a detectible microbial cloud into surrounding indoor air.
A nanometre is about as much as your nails grows every second.
Men's Testicles hang between the legs to keep cool because sperm dies at body temperature.
1 out of every 200 people have an extra rib.
Your mouth is made of the same skin cells as a vagina.
Muscle comes from the Latin musculus, which means "little mouse," because a flexed muscle was thought to resemble a mouse.
While receiving a single tattoo temporarily weakens your immune system, receiving several tattoos over time could strengthen it.
Liars blink less frequently than normal during the lie, and then speed up to around eight times faster than usual afterwards.

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